How would you like to live?

In tini we build lifestyles, ways of feeling and enjoying unique spaces. Living spaces for a better life.

tini living is the alternative construction system that brings us closer to a more sustainable, more human and more conscious future.


Only if we respect the environment around us, our world will be better. Environmentally friendly and recyclable materials that lead us to coexist better with nature and with ourselves.


What do we really need to live? We question the use we make of resources. We use the least amount of material with maximum efficiency. We meticulously control the manufacturing process to minimize material waste.


We are not just any manufacturer. We are a team of professionals with an innovative vision about construction. We are service, we are consultancy, we are support—everything you need to build your home.

In tini living, we make sustainable construction an accessible alternative for everyone.

The future lies in living more sustainably, more humanely, and consciously. Imagine the perfect space. Let’s build it together.

Our product

All tini® units are composed of a modular steel structure, opaque enclosures with multiple layers of different materials with high thermal capabilities, high-quality national production carpentry with thermal break, and high-performance solar and thermal glass. Access the customizer and discover all the exterior finishes.

tini® units are much more insulated than a standard home. The facades and roofs have 14cm of insulation of various types, which helps improve thermal performance. It combines XPS insulation (50mm), recycled PET fiber insulation (80mm), and multi-layer reflective insulation. In addition, all interior partitions are acoustically insulated. You can choose from various interior finish options when customizing your tini®.

You can customize the space of the Tini® by choosing the equipment you need. The layout is designed to make the most of every inch of space. You can choose an open plan (base price), with a bathroom and kitchen, only with one of the two, or fully equipped and furnished—whatever best suits your needs! Kitchen, bathrooms, climate control, lighting, etc.

You can connect your Tini® to the supply network or choose to make it fully or partially self-sufficient. In the case of self-sufficiency, a detailed study tailored to the usage will be conducted.


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