3 tinis around a porch on Lanzarote
A unique tini project in Lanzarote

Written by:

Pilar Cano-Lasso


Modular houses
tini M
tini S


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To make the most of the good climate of Lanzarote we placed 3 tinis (2tini M + 1 Tini S) around a porch. This porch will be the heart of the house, where to enjoy the garden, eat and rest.to adapt to the tradition of the area the facade is modified to have a whitewashed finish.we give great importance to the orientation and location of the tinis, as a fundamental passive measure. Therefore the house is completely closed to the north winds and opens to the south. Native species are planted to protect from the sun and a series of awnings are placed on the porch to give it more warmth. Make your tini personalized

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