A 350m2 house with tinis!

We have started a new project, completely tailor-made, in Menorca. Discover it!

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Ricardo Dominguez


Modular houses
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In the paradise island of Menorca we have developed this project with 8 tini modules of 3×10 and another 2 of 3x6m for the service area. Resulting in a 2-storey house of 350m2.

In this way, while the earthworks and the sea stone walls, typical of the area, are being done, the modules are being manufactured in our workshop, reducing the total time of the work to a minimum.

In this case all exterior finishes are white, combined with wooden lattices that give it great warmth.

What would you like your home to look like?

How would you like to live?

At tini we build lifestyles, ways of feeling and enjoying unique spaces. Spaces with life for a better life. Living spaces for a better life.

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