About us

How would you like to live? Tini wants to help you have the house you imagine, from the first moment until you move in. We started by offering a product, a small refuge in nature and we have evolved to encompass the complete process of having your own custom home.

Ignacio de la Vega
Arquitect – Product design

Ricardo de Zulueta
Product development

Pilar Cano-Lasso
Arquitect – Technical direction

Álvaro Mesa
Technical coordinator

Santiago Alonso
Manufacturing and operations management

Victor Lara

Raquel Díaz
Technical architect – Execution supervisor

Lucas Salgado
Commercial Director

Ambrosio Mba
Technical Arquitect – Manufacturing control

Blanca Pais
Project Manager

Leandro Comba
Business development

Cristina Agasid
Desarrollo de negocio

Marcos Reyes
Project/Bim Manager

Íñigo Zunzunegui
Project Manager

Clara Muñoz
Project Manager

Jaime García Gibert
Project Manager

Natalia Gonzalez Pericot
Technical coordinator

Elena Morón

Manuela Trómpiz

Francesca Piva

José González Rosón
BPM and Data Management Lead

Walda García-Baquero

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