131.55 m2

Number of modules

6 modules:

  • First floor: 1 tini of 3×6.8m / 1 tini of 3×5.9m / 1 tini of 3×8.80m
  • Ground floor: 3 tinis of 3×8.80m

Facade materials

‍Heat-treated wood

Interior materials

‍Plasterboard ceilings and walls, birch furniture and ceramic flooring


The marked topography and the existing trees, marked the position of this house. The choice of location not only allows to take full advantage of the panoramic views, but also provides privacy and an intelligent division of spaces. The upper floor is the day area, where everyday life comes to life. Here, the kitchen, living room and dining room merge into a bright, open space, which opens onto a large terrace with breathtaking views. Large sliding windows flood the day area with natural light, allowing the inhabitants to feel in full contact with the natural surroundings. In contrast, the first floor houses the sleeping area, which becomes a sanctuary of tranquility and privacy. The bedrooms are strategically distributed, each with access to the terrace and garden. The inhabitants of this home enjoy the advantage of living in a stunning natural setting, with the convenience of an intelligent layout that maximizes views and privacy. This house is a perfect example of how architecture can adapt to the topography of the land, providing a functional and aesthetically appealing home that blends seamlessly into its natural surroundings.



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