185 (+ porches)

Número de módulos
Ground floor: 1 3×9.10m tub + 2 3×8.15m tubs / First floor: 3 3x9m tubs

Materiales de fachada


Materiales interiores

White painted plasterboard ceilings and walls


In this exclusive 150m² single-family home project, we have achieved a perfect harmony between the modernity of modular homes and the natural beauty of the environment. Located on a peculiar plot of land, this residence blends in with the surrounding landscape, respecting and enhancing the local flora and fauna.

Our architectural proposal not only seeks functionality and comfort, but also integration with local architecture. We use sustainable materials and innovative construction techniques that reflect the traditions of the area, creating a space that feels part of the environment and at the same time offers all the comforts of a contemporary home.

Every detail of this home has been carefully designed to maximize the use of space and energy efficiency, without sacrificing aesthetics or connection with nature. Large windows allow in natural light, while the outdoor areas are designed to enjoy the landscape and serenity of the surroundings.




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