Exclusive housing project in Portugal, where compact design meets the elegance of premium finishes. This 23.4 m² home stands out for its innovative use of Corten steel. Every detail has been carefully selected to maximize space and offer a contemporary and welcoming atmosphere. Photos Plans

Tini M – Madrid

Industrialized and modular constructions made in 100 days 100% made in Spain. They are transported wherever you want and arrive completely finished and equipped, ready for operation. This tini® module is a shelter in the middle of a typical landscape in the north of Madrid. Protected and embraced by a large oak tree, it was placed in such a way that the impact was zero and it seemed that it had always been there. Along the same lines, the Corten steel façade, in the process of semi-oxidation, blends in with its surroundings and blends with the shadows generated by the branches of the trees and the movement of the rockroses. This rough exterior contrasts with the great warmth of the interior, lined entirely with birch wood and oak flooring. This tini® has a kitchen with birch front and corian countertop, fully equipped with sink, ceramic hob, extractor hood and paneled refrigerator. It also has a full bathroom. All tini® are insulated with 14cm of recycled cotton insulation, to which a continuous multi-reflective insulation is added. In this case the client requested more glass to feel totally immersed in the beautiful oak forest, so low emissivity and solar control glass was used to achieve this effect and a great thermal control. The result is a very warm space, a refuge completely connected with its surroundings. Photos

Tini M – 34 m2

This tini® module has become the first house of a large estate located in Cuenca, whose young owners already wanted to enjoy it to the fullest without having to wait for years for the future construction of a large traditional house that they also plan. After looking for an alternative in the industrialized house market, they opted for the tini® formula for construction in 100 days due to our special attention to the thermal insulation of the home, since, as they told us, this area alternates periods of cold and heat. extremes. Nor did they want to give up the design and quality of the materials, opting for a galvanized steel facade and an interior with OSB walls and ceilings, oak flooring, pine furniture, an indoor fireplace for autumn-winter and an additional outdoor foundation in the form of a terrace to enjoy from spring onwards. The exact location and orientation of the house had our advice and we opted for a somewhat elevated area, with the largest glass in northwest orientation, deep views to a holm oak forest and little visual connection with the other house they plan to do in a few years. Until that happens, this will be their 100% self-sufficient house in terms of electricity, water and sewage connections. And, when both coexist, the tini® will become an excellent complement, for example as an independent guest house. Photos

Tini S – Madrid

A small corner of peace from which to enjoy nature. Our tini S space has an area of 23.5m2, with a maximum utilization. The space is expanded thanks to two large corner windows and the most private uses are accumulated in the opaque facades. This creates a clean and open space that changes the perception of size. Photos

Tini 2M – Sierra de Madrid

This simple and very well used house in the mountains of Madrid, is located in a terrain with complex conditions due to the steep slope. We took advantage of this circumstance to create an access adapted to the unevenness, which ends in an access porch lined with wood. The living area is extended with a terrace, elevated from the ground that allows you to enjoy the views and the garden. Photos Plans


Completely integrated in an oak grove, this tini L expands its interior space, while taking advantage of the great views, through a large terrace. The warmth of the interior OSB contrasts with the steel facade, which combines elegantly with the heat-treated wood of the terrace. The distribution is based on the maximum use of space, housing the large module living-dining-kitchen and bathroom and the smaller module, the bedroom. An elegant, simple home that is well connected to its surroundings. Photos Plans