Distributed on two floors, this 128m2 house takes full advantage of the plot to create the largest garden area. The living room, located on the ground floor along with two bedrooms, is related to the outdoor space through a porch with a large terrace platform. Upstairs is the master bedroom, independent from the rest of the house and with a large terrace to enjoy the outdoor space. Corten steel and heat-treated wood make up an exterior of marked materiality in contrast with the interior, white and clean, where birch wood details are combined. Photos Plans


This beautiful project is located on the top of a hillside, surrounded by pine trees and Menorcan ullastres with privileged views of the Mediterranean. It is the first phase of a larger project, so one of the key aspects has been the use of space. The modules, arranged in a T-shape, are connected by two large terraces that connect the house with the garden. This arrangement achieves greater privacy in the bedrooms, which are oriented to the east, each with its own bathroom. The white facades, combined with the warm wood interiors, are given a touch of color with lacquered woodwork in a green typical of the area. Photos Plans


This house among pine trees is the result of maximum adaptation and respect for the environment. Thanks to our modular system, it was possible to design a project that kept all the existing trees on the plot. The result is a house completely connected to its surroundings, making the most of the views and natural light. We combined S modules for the configuration of the space, distributing bedrooms and bathrooms in two modules and living-dining room-kitchen in three other modules, which are extended with respect to the bedrooms to create a porch from which to enjoy the landscape. Photos Plans


A unique project in Germany, in a breathtaking landscape. This house, with an open-plan layout, is made up of four tini M modules, with large windows and dark finishes. Natural light floods every space, while panoramic views connect with the surroundings. Dark finishes add elegance and contrast to the home. Photos Plans


In this exclusive 150m² single-family home project, we have achieved a perfect harmony between the modernity of modular homes and the natural beauty of the environment. Located on a peculiar plot of land, this residence blends in with the surrounding landscape, respecting and enhancing the local flora and fauna. Our architectural proposal not only seeks functionality and comfort, but also integration with local architecture. We use sustainable materials and innovative construction techniques that reflect the traditions of the area, creating a space that feels part of the environment and at the same time offers all the comforts of a contemporary home. Every detail of this home has been carefully designed to maximize the use of space and energy efficiency, without sacrificing aesthetics or connection with nature. Large windows allow in natural light, while the outdoor areas are designed to enjoy the landscape and serenity of the surroundings. Renders Planos  

Pantano de San Juan

Discover your new home in an incomparable natural environment. This exclusive 111.5 m² housing project in the Pantano de San Juan combines modern design with the serenity of nature. With large spaces, high-quality finishes and panoramic views, every corner has been designed to offer comfort and style. Enjoy outdoor living, where luxury and nature meet. Renders Plans Plans

Porto Do Son

This project combines a compact design along with a modern style. It has an exterior finish in galvanized steel, a finish with avant-garde aesthetics, ideal for those looking for a contemporary and resistant housing solution. The interior of the home, designed to maximize each square meter, is characterized by its luminosity and freshness. The white walls and large windows allow in generous natural light, creating a spacious and welcoming atmosphere. This single-family home offers an intelligent layout that guarantees functionality and comfort, making the spaces feel open and airy. Every detail has been carefully selected to offer an exceptional living experience, from the minimalist finishes to the high-quality materials. The contrast between the galvanized steel exterior and the bright white interior creates a modern and elegant home, perfect for those who value design and efficiency. Renders Plans


This home integrates the combination of a contemporary design with the comfort of a cozy home. This home offers a modern aesthetic with gray and sophisticated viroc that integrates perfectly with any environment. The interior of the home is designed to maximize natural luminosity, creating large, open spaces that invite warmth and comfort. Large windows allow sunlight to illuminate every corner, while a cozy wood stove provides a warm and pleasant atmosphere, ideal for winter afternoons. Every detail has been thought out to offer an exceptional living experience, from the high-quality finishes to the intelligent distribution of spaces. The combination of the gray viroc on the outside with the bright and welcoming interior creates a perfect balance between modernity and comfort. Renders Plans


This elegant Mediterranean-style home is nestled in a beautiful pine forest. Designed to hug the slope of the land, the staggered modules create a residence that blends harmoniously with its natural surroundings. The main entrance is located on the first floor, where a large living area, dining room and kitchen open onto a porch, a terrace and a swimming pool, creating a perfect space for family life. The bedrooms are located on the upper floor, with access to terraces offering stunning views of the surrounding area. The result is a serene house, with materials that blend in with the surroundings. Photos Plans


The marked topography and the existing trees, marked the position of this house. The choice of location not only allows to take full advantage of the panoramic views, but also provides privacy and an intelligent division of spaces. The upper floor is the day area, where everyday life comes to life. Here, the kitchen, living room and dining room merge into a bright, open space, which opens onto a large terrace with breathtaking views. Large sliding windows flood the day area with natural light, allowing the inhabitants to feel in full contact with the natural surroundings. In contrast, the first floor houses the sleeping area, which becomes a sanctuary of tranquility and privacy. The bedrooms are strategically distributed, each with access to a terrace and garden. The inhabitants of this home enjoy the advantage of living in a stunning natural setting, with the convenience of an intelligent layout that maximizes views and privacy. This house is a perfect example of how architecture can adapt to the topography of the land, providing a functional and aesthetically appealing home that blends seamlessly into its natural surroundings. Photos Plans