Ecological modular homes: what are they?
Our modular homes are ecological because they have important environmental certifications and sustainability premises, find out more in this post!

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Our tinis respond to a booming residential concept: modular and industrialized houses. modular and industrialized houses. But in addition to this, we add another fundamental nuance: they are sustainable and environmentally friendly at all stages. In this post we tell you why we consider our tinis ecological modular houseswhat certifications you have and what premises we follow to the letter.
Basic premises in our ecological modular homes

At tini we strictly follow some ‘green’ premises for the manufacture, installation and operation of our tinis. We do this because they are designed to be installed in areas of great environmental value and must be integrated with the environment in a harmonious way, without generating hardly any footprint.

First of all, we exploit to the maximum the thermal possibilities of our ecological modular houses and their environment. For example, we study the solar exploitation and orient the tini looking for the perfect balance between warmth and preservation of the interior of the house. In this regard, it is worth remembering that the glass of our tinis can have a special treatment to mitigate solar radiation and, if desired, blinds can be included.

Insulation is also another pillar of our eco-friendly modular homes: thanks to it, the energy expenditure needed to air-condition the interior is considerably reduced. In fact, the choice of our thermal insulation panels is particularly ambitious: 14 cm thick, which is much more than that of a normal house.

And of course, self-sufficiency is one of the keys to the fact that our tinis can be considered ecological modular houses. This achievement can be total or partial, whether all or only some of the following elements are included:

  • Own water tank for the supply of this basic commodity
  • Septic tank when the house cannot be connected to the sewage system.
  • Photovoltaic solar panel to generate all the electricity needed by the tini
    In addition, in our tinis we also recycle an important material: steel, which is 100% recyclable. The version used (steel frame) allows us to dispense with other materials (masonry, concrete, stone ashlars) which, despite being traditional, are more difficult to recycle and have a greater impact on the environment.
Our certifications

Certifications are a guarantee of quality and transparency. In the field of modular housing construction there are some of great importance, related to the sustainability of the materials used. And our tinis have them:

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council): our tinis have the highest possible qualification, for several reasons. Firstly, because the wood we use is always locally sourced, thus reducing the pollution caused by long transport distances. And secondly, because we use OSB (Oriented Strand Board) wood, which is obtained from branches, thus avoiding the felling of trees.

Geopannel panels: these are thermal insulation panels with a very low environmental impact because they are made from a very high percentage of recyclable cotton. And when it comes to disposal, they are 100% recyclable.

Finally, our tinis can be qualified with energy certification A, which is the highest. It must be said that, as with household appliances, each home has its own certificate, which expresses the energy demand of this in conditions of occupation.

In addition, at Tini we are not only demanding with the efficiency and environmental impact of our eco-friendly modular homes: we are also demanding with ourselves. In the manufacturing process of our tinis we follow the same premises and generate as little waste as possible. As they are manufactured in an industrial building, we do not generate any environmental, acoustic or visual impact on the installation site, except for the simple foundation work.

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