El Vendrell


Tarragona, Spain





Número de módulos
‍4 modules of 3×7,06m + 3 modules of 3×8,90m

Materiales de fachada

Black lacquered mini-wave sheet

Materiales interiores

White painted plasterboard ceilings and walls with poplar OSB kitchen.


For the development of this house, we started from a fundamental objective; to take advantage of the sea views that the plot has at its highest point.

To do this, we located the house at street level (ascending in a northerly direction) elevating it above the ground.
The access platform, made of light tramex, ends in a dark wood porch that generates a raised threshold that opens to the living room, with large windows connected to the sea views.

Being south facing, these large windows are tucked in creating a pronounced porch, which will provide the necessary shade to enjoy the scenery.



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