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You can choose if you want it to be connected to water, electricity and sanitation of your plot or to be self-sufficient in 1, 2 or all 3 aspects.
In the case you want it to be totally self-sufficient, in the case of a 34m2 tini it would be equipped with:

  • Water tank of 1000L.
  • – Photovoltaic installation 3k (solar panel 340w, 72 cells + compact battery with accumulation 250A/h.12v).
  • Buried septic tank.

Depending on the number of modules, the location and use could be adjusted to your exact needs.

The tini arrives fully finished and furnished, so that once placed in a few hours it is connected and ready to use.

Our prices include transportation in the peninsula, but we can take your tini wherever you want.

The average lead time is 100 days from the time of purchase, but each tini can be individually customized and can be extended by a couple of weeks.

  • You will receive your tini completely finished, transported by truck. The installation time will be from 1 to 7 days, depending on the number of modules.
  • The tini is usually placed on a small concrete slab or on prefabricated piles, depending on soil conditions.
  • If you have chosen the self-sufficient option, the buried septic tank, solar panels and water tank will need to be installed, which will take no more than 2-3 days.

The tini includes everything you have selected when customizing yours.
The complete option includes:

  • Complete bathroom (toilet, shower, washbasin with mirror, countertop and shelves)
  • Complete kitchen (Corian countertop and top, with wooden fronts matching the chosen finish, sink, faucet, paneled refrigerator, ceramic hob and extractor hood)
  • Solid pine built-in wooden furniture (built-in cabinets, bed base and bedside tables)
  • Linestra LED wall lights, plugs, switches and sockets.

And if you have also chosen to be self-sufficient:

  • 1000L water tank
  • Photovoltaic installation 3k (solar panel 340w, 72 cells + compact battery with accumulation 250A/h.12v + installation)
  • Buried septic tank + installation (depending on the type of land).
  • It does not include earthworks or previous floor It does not include mattress, cushions, armchairs or other additional decorative elements.

The price does not include VAT or other taxes or fees that may be applied by each municipality.

In the case of VAT in Spain, the usual rate is 10% if the buyer is a private individual (if it will be used as a home) and 21% for companies. For projects abroad, the VAT of the country where the tini is installed will be applied.

Of course!

Starting from our tini M module, 2 or 3 modules can be joined to create larger spaces of 68m2, 102m2 or whatever you need.

We can offer you options already studied or we can make you a totally customized project.

Contact us and we will explain all the options and their prices.

The specific procedures in Spain vary in each municipality (in any case a building permit is required from the town hall). We take care of all the paperwork and advise you throughout the whole process. In addition, we have available a consultation service for urban planning regulations for urban land. Contact us and we will help you!

The tinis can be partially or totally self-sufficient. If you want it self-sufficient you will need, for a module of 34m2:

  • 1000L water tank with a cost of 1.600€.
  • 3k photovoltaic installation (solar panel 340w, 72 cells + compact battery with accumulation 250A/h.12v) at a cost of 14.420€ for a weekend use.
  • 2000L septic tank with a cost of 3.740€.

It is always best to make a detailed study of your specific tini to know exactly what you need.

Of course! Our design team will study the best option for the layout of the tinis on a sloping terrain. In our news section you will be able to see different projects on sloping terrain.

The tinis are supported on their foundation and due to their weight, they cannot be placed on wheeled trailers, but if you need to justify that it is mobile you can do so since they are not anchored to the foundation.

Tinis are better insulated than any other house. In addition, we combine different types of insulation to improve the thermal performance of the interior.

Of course! Tinis are based on a very versatile system that allows growth in phases. You can add modules depending on the space you need.

The carpentries have security locks and shutters can be added to the tini. If desired, an alarm system and video security system can be incorporated.

The correct orientation of the glass is crucial to control the temperature inside. Our team always takes this aspect into account when locating the tini in the field. Certain features can also be added to the glass to mitigate radiation such as solar control. What foundation is necessary to install the tini?

The normal method is to make a reinforced concrete slab, which on favorable flat terrain has an approximate cost of 120-150 €/m2. There are other alternatives such as prefabricated piles (punctual supports that are placed on the perimeter and allow to support the module). In the Madrid area, we can take care of the execution of the foundation. If you are not near, do not worry, we will provide all the technical information and coordinate a local person.

All of them are first quality and national. The sanitary ware is from roca and gala and the faucets are from Imex. The kitchen is made to measure with our carpentry team. The countertop is made of corian (high strength and durability material) with integrated sink avoiding the joints that are uncomfortable to clean. Please contact us if you are interested in receiving the dossiers with all the specifications.

Yes, we ship our modules to the USA and Canada. The cost is around €15,000 – €20,000, with variations depending on the season. For all overseas projects, local architectural/construction professionals are required for the installation, foundation and licensing process.

For multi-module projects abroad, we currently only carry out multi-module projects in France and Portugal.

In general, it is not possible to build on rustic land, with some exceptions. As a starting point, we recommend that you check with the town hall of your municipality to see if you have the option of installing a tini on your rustic land and what characteristics it should have. We also recommend that you read this article which deals with the subject in detail and can serve as a guide.

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