Licenses to build a house: which ones are needed?
Find out what types of licenses exist and which ones you need to install your tini

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These are the licenses required to build a house
The licenses to build a house are always a topic that generates many doubts among our clients. Therefore, in this post we try to explain which are the ones to apply for in your case, whether it is a conventional house or a tini®.
Licenses required in any type of house:

In general, and except for exceptions in specific autonomous communities or municipalities, you must have three licenses to build a house, at different stages of construction:

  • Urban development license.
  • Building permit.
  • First Occupancy License.

In addition, to obtain each of these licenses, you will be required to present other documents. Let’s take a look.

Urban planning license

It is granted by the City Council where the work is to be carried out. It certifies that the basic project meets the requirements and regulations on urban planning, but does not go into detail on the technical issues of the project. That is to say, this project will not need to be endorsed , although it will not allow you to start the works. With this license will correspond the payment of the corresponding ICIO (tax on constructions, facilities and works) and specific rates of the city council.

Building permit.

This is the second of the licenses to build a house and is obtained after having received the urban development license. For the granting of this license it is mandatory to have an execution project approved by the Official College of Architects of your autonomous community, in addition to a geotechnical study on the foundation to be used and other structural technical issues.

It should be noted that the granting of this building permit can be delayed in time, depending on the workload of the department of the City Council that manages it. But this is something that can be easily circumvented with a tini®: since the construction of our houses is carried out in a controlled environment, we can start the works while the building permit is being processed. Then, by the time the owner receives the announcement of the building permit, the tini® could be practically ready for installation.

On the other hand, during the execution of the works, there may be other unavoidable formalities when it comes to the construction of a house, such as the preparation of a Book of Safety Incidents, the Book of Orders and Attendances and the opening of the work center.

First Occupancy License

This is the last of the licenses to build a house – it is obtained when the works have been completed and other formalities related to the works have been completed. Specifically, a final work certificate, also endorsed by the corresponding college of architects, which certifies that the work has been carried out according to the project submitted for the license. The energy efficiency certificate must also be issued and, lastly, the work reception certificate, signed by the developer and the builder at the time the completed work is handed over.

And the licenses to build a house in the country, are they the same?

The licenses to build a house in the countryside are, in fact, the same as those of any other house. But it is true that in the first of the licenses (urban license) you have to pay special attention to the type of land to build, as we commented in this other post about the constructions in rustic land. You will have to make sure that, although it is a rustic land, it allows the construction of a house.

Once this hurdle to obtain the urban planning license has been overcome, the other two licenses will also be necessary: the building permit and, at the end of the works, the first occupancy license.

Other formalities related to the construction of a house

In this post we have explained the licenses to build a house in the country, but in reality there are other procedures that you must carry out before and after the construction. We mention some of them below, but we will deal with them in more detail in another post: deed of declaration of new construction, registration of the house in the registry, registration of supplies…

We know that bureaucratic issues are a tedious and complicated matter for any property owner. That’s why at tini® we can take care of it to make everything much easier for you: of course, we will advise you on these procedures and, more importantly, we can obtain and submit all the documentation to the relevant authorities, adding a small percentage extra to the total price of the house.

If you have any other questions about the procedures and licenses to build a house, please contact us, we will build your shelter in the middle of nature in just 100 days!

How would you like to live?

At tini we build lifestyles, ways of feeling and enjoying unique spaces. Spaces with life for a better life. Living spaces for a better life.

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