Modular house: an original idea as a second home

Looking for original ideas for your second home? In this post we propose you our modular homes, find out why!

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Ricardo Dominguez


tini projects


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Before reaching this post, in your search for original ideas for a second home, you will have seen articles, images and even real examples of the most surprising … not to say the most bizarre. Recycling and reuse proposals of dubious taste, houses in the countryside where habitability matters little, houses on the seafront impossible to justify before the Coastal Law… In short: spaces that seem only justifiable in an Instagram story, but then have little to do.

However, in these lines we present our tinis, industrialized modular houses that we have already installed in very unique spaces in different autonomous communities, making the dream of their owners come true: to have a second residence of the most special and in the middle of nature.

Modular house: an original idea as a second home

We assume that you will want your second residence to be in a place far away from your usual home and that you will use it less: at best, during weekends and vacations. Precisely for this reason, you will not be able to dedicate the same resources and time to your second residence as you do to your regular home.

So the less work your second home is, the better, both in construction and maintenance. And that’s just what a modular home offers, especially our tinis:

  • They are easy to design and configure.
  • They are quick to manufacture, transport and install.
  • The materials and finishes used are optimized to ensure long durability with little maintenance.

As you can see, we talk about “manufacture, transport and install” because our tinis are manufactured in a warehouse, transported ready-made to their final destination and installed in a simple way, being connected to the supplies in a few hours.

Where can a tini be installed as a second residence?

There are many spaces where a tini can be installed, as it adapts to almost any terrain. But what makes it an original idea for a second home is that they are suitable for really isolated spaces, even in natural environments where the usual supplies (water, sewage, electricity) do not reach.

In these cases, and provided that the urban regulations of the municipality in question allow it, you can opt for a completely self-sufficient tini, or only partially, with water tank, septic tank and solar panels, depending on the needs. It is, therefore, a free-spirited house, which in turn provides freedom and independence to its owners.

What this type of second home allows

In the case of a tini, the most important thing is not the house itself, but what it really offers to its owners. And what it provides is a sense of isolation and disconnection that allows you to reconnect with yourself, entering into harmony with nature, especially if you are 100% inserted in it.

In a tini, its dwellers return to the basics, to what really matters: relaxation, freeing the mind, peace. This is the main objective of any second home but, in reality, it is rarely achieved: often this type of housing is one more tie and, due to its large size and type of construction, they absorb the free time with new repair or maintenance tasks. And in other cases, this second home becomes a sort of warehouse to store junk that does not fit in the first home.

To a tini, on the other hand, you come light of luggage and tasks, to recapture the time that slips through your fingers in the day to day or that is wasted in a theoretically holiday home, which in reality hides more obligations and headaches. Therefore, we can say that our industrialized modular houses are a very original idea as a second home.

How would you like to live?

At tini we build lifestyles, ways of feeling and enjoying unique spaces. Spaces with life for a better life. Living spaces for a better life.

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