Porto Do Son


Porto do Son





Número de módulos
1 tini of 3×11,30m + 3x3m

Materiales de fachada


Materiales interiores

White painted plasterboard ceilings and walls


This project combines a compact design along with a modern style. It has an exterior finish in galvanized steel, a finish with avant-garde aesthetics, ideal for those looking for a contemporary and resistant housing solution.

The interior of the home, designed to maximize each square meter, is characterized by its luminosity and freshness. The white walls and large windows allow in generous natural light, creating a spacious and welcoming atmosphere. This single-family home offers an intelligent layout that guarantees functionality and comfort, making the spaces feel open and airy.

Every detail has been carefully selected to offer an exceptional living experience, from the minimalist finishes to the high-quality materials. The contrast between the galvanized steel exterior and the bright white interior creates a modern and elegant home, perfect for those who value design and efficiency.



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