According to your needs and the geographical area of interest, we will search for the ideal land for your project, confirming that it complies with all the regulatory requirements.
We can manage the purchase of your land in the most favorable way possible. We will explain the process to help you to make these procedures and to be able to start your home as soon as possible.
We will accompany you in the process of obtaining the license. While we design your home, we will make all the necessary arrangements with the city hall to obtain all the permits as easily as possible.
We will carry out the construction in our factory within 100-150 days for up to 4 modules. For projects of more than one module, they are manufactured and transported completely finished and we will make the union in the field.
We take care of the final delivery and installation of your home on site. For this we will coordinate the delivery with our team, we will install the modules with a crane, we will make the union of the modules and the relevant connections to supplies (if required).
We analyze the urban planning regulations that affect your urban land to confirm its viability. Our architects may contact the city hall and other regulatory entities.
We will design your home/space as you imagine it. Our team will create a unique project that meets your needs in terms of space, distribution, surface area, etc.
We take care of the design, fabrication and installation with our team of expert architects and quantity surveyors. All projects will be signed and in order to comply with the necessary formalities.
We will transport the modules within 1-2 days in the peninsula, 3-4 days in the Balearic and Canary Islands and, for the rest of Europe, 1 day of transport for every 400 km.


Modules Dimension

We adjust to the dimensions of road transport (3m wide maximum x 11.3m long) but this does not limit us, since by combining modules, we can make houses of the surface you need.

Combination of modules

Our system is designed so that the combination of modules is very simple. We can join modules in a single floor (as our customizable models) or in two heights, and there is the possibility of expansion in the future, always thinking about it from the first design phase.

Interior layout

We adapt the interior layout to the tastes and needs of the client, optimizing space and facilities to the maximum. In this way, we try to concentrate kitchen and bathrooms in the same module or at a short distance from each other, in order to reduce to the maximum the route of the facilities.



The materials chosen for the exterior of our tinis®, have little or no ecological footprint, are zero kilometer materials, acquired locally and with good performance over the years.

Their durability is guaranteed, and their maintenance is null. Both galvanized and corten steel, as well as burned or heat-treated wood, require no maintenance.

Doors and windows

One of the most attractive aspects of the tinis® are their large windows, which, like the narrow windows, go from floor to ceiling. The windows are sliding, Cor-Vision model by Cortizo, which have a security lock and serve as access to the tini®, although if you wish we could integrate a hinged entrance door. The small windows are Cor60 also from Cortizo, and all have 6+6 climalit plus double glazing, 14 chamber with argon gas and 4+4 climalit plus low emissivity double glazing.


Our system is designed with a flat roof, because it can also serve as a terrace. If for regulatory reasons you need it to be inclined, do not hesitate to consult our team who will propose an alternative to the flat roof.

We can offer you different roof finishes such as wood, gravel or landscaped roof.

Outdoor lighting

We love integrated lighting and we offer different solutions for outdoor lighting that can be recessed, surface mounted… Ask our team!



The marked and rough textures of the exterior materials contrast with the interior of the tinis®, where warm materials predominate. We use all-natural woods that create the cozy atmosphere so characteristic of tinis®.


The interior details are fundamental for us, those that mark the day-to-day experience. That is why we take great care that the interior doors are heavy and completely airtight. Normally they are hinged, but if you need or like sliding doors, no problem, we make them with the same care. In addition, all interior partitions are acoustically insulated.


The 14 cm of insulation in roofs and facades make tinis® much more insulated than any other house. Insulations of different densities (XPS, multi-reflective insulation and recycled PET) are combined to achieve better performance. In addition, the interior wood finishes help to improve thermal and acoustic performance.


Bathroom, kitchen and furniture

We like to be able to deliver the tini® completely finished, because that way we ensure the correct functioning of all the elements. If you would like to finish the bathroom or kitchen there would be no problem, just let us know and we will do the pre-installation so that you can finish it to your liking. Except for the shower tray that we need to incorporate it to finish off the floor, and the toilet if you would like it suspended, since its cistern is embedded in the facade of the tini®.

Air conditioning

With our wood stove we can heat a tini® module without any problem If your project is larger, we can offer you the option that best suits your needs. We can air condition the tinis® with hot/cold air pump or with underfloor heating and aerothermics. Our team will offer you the best solution. The good thing is that, as the tinis® are highly insulated, you will consume less energy.


You can connect your tini® to the supply network or choose to be totally or partially self-sufficient.

In case it is self-sufficient, it is important to make a detailed study adjusted to the demand, the use and the location of the module(s), once the project is defined. Each of the elements and costs described below are dimensioned for a tini® M module disconnected from the grid and for weekend use.



The price of tinis® does not include the foundation, since it depends on the type of soil. Normally, a reinforced slab is used, which in favorable flat terrain has an approximate cost of 120-150 €/m2. There are other alternatives such as prefabricated piles, point supports that are placed on the perimeter and allow the module to be supported. In the Madrid area, we can take care of the execution of the foundations. If you are not near, do not worry, we will provide all the technical information and coordinate a local person.

Whatever you need

We can include in the project all the elements you need, porches and pergolas, swimming pool, garage, plot enclosure, landscaping… Just let us know and we will make a design completely integrated with your tini®.