Tini Pavillon


Madrid, Spain




52 (26+26)

Número de módulos
1 tini M

Materiales de fachada

Corten Steel

Materiales interiores

Corten Steel


Halfway between garage and showroom, lounge and gallery. The pavilion is to contain a 1948 Porsche 356, a 1959 Austin Healey 3000 and a living area with minibar. Not a garage or a container is designed, but a stage box, two completely prefabricated tini® modules, which, transported separately by truck, are assembled creating a single space.

A black, uniform curtain and two spotlights that illuminate each piece. Its main facade is a 9-meter lattice that lets you intuit the content, filters the light, allows ventilation and opens completely merging garden and pavilion. It is based on two Corten steel tini® modules modulated to occupy the exact place left by the 6 large existing lime trees. The blind Corten façade in its natural color is like a rock in the garden, opaque and apparently heavy while the interior is delicate, a continuous black surface that wants to disappear.

The result is a simple and elegant pavilion that is both striking on the outside and scenic on the inside.


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