Tini XS, this time in Plasencia!
Discover a unique and minimalist project connected to the natural environment of Plasencia.

Written by:

Ricardo Dominguez


Modular houses
tini XS
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This tini® is a small room located on an equestrian estate.
A cozy place from which to contemplate the magnificent views and disconnect.

The sculptural black steel façade and the structure, also metallic, connects with the landscape as if it were a rock that has always been there.
This massive exterior contrasts with the interior, very warm and golden, made with poplar OSB wood on the ceiling and walls, and natural oak flooring. The touch of color is given by the dark green woodwork. An elegant touch in harmony with the whole.

All tini® are insulated with 14cm of recycled cotton insulation, to which is added a continuous insulation of reflective insulation.

The result is a very warm space, a refuge completely connected with its surroundings.

How would you like to live?

At tini we build lifestyles, ways of feeling and enjoying unique spaces. Spaces with life for a better life. Living spaces for a better life.

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