What is a modular house?

What is exactly a modular house? Do you know exactly what a modular house is? In this post we explain it in brief and tell you what makes our models so special.

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Modular houses
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Modular homes have become increasingly popular in recent years, thanks to their many advantages. Tini has become a benchmark in this regard, with projects of great simplicity that can be customized without sacrificing quality.
Brief explanation of what a modular home is

A modular house is a dwelling formed by a housing module or by the union of several of them, which have a more or less standardized design. In this way, its configuration on plan, its manufacture and its final installation are much simpler, since the modules can be combined and interchanged in many different ways. For example, forming an L, a T, a U… and many other variations.

Another differentiating aspect of modular homes is their construction process. In fact, in the jargon of the sector we speak rather of “manufacturing”, since most of the construction is carried out in a warehouse, which is located in a different place from the final location of the house. That is why they are also called industrialized modular houses, a process that greatly reduces costs and greatly reduces execution times.

And when the modules are practically ready, they are loaded onto trucks and taken to the final site for their definitive installation. Prior to that moment, land preparation work will have been carried out, which, depending on its characteristics (type of soil, orography, etc.) can be simpler or more complex.

Because of this manufacturing process, sometimes people confuse what is a modular house with a prefabricated house. But in reality, they are not exactly the same: prefabricated houses do not necessarily have to be modular and, in addition, they usually use low quality materials, as they are not intended for prolonged use as housing. In any case, in another post of this blog we explain more in depth the differences between them.

What makes a tini different?

Not all modular homes are the same, of course. And there are several aspects that give our tinis a special character. When it comes to design, we go for a minimalist taste in very well used spaces, devoid of superfluous elements. Our smallest tini, the S, has a surface area of 23.5 m2 , while the M tini offers 34 m2.

These compact dimensions are also an advantage for transportation: we will be able to take the tini on roads and paths to spaces that are difficult to access for other larger modular houses. Therefore, our modular houses are the best option for those who are looking to install their home or second residence in areas of high natural value.

In fact, one of the main advantages of the tini is that it is a modular house in perfect harmony with nature, as its sustainability is another of its differentiating aspects. They can be configured to be completely self-sufficient, so that their impact on the environment is practically zero: a water tank with a capacity of 1,000 liters can be installed, photovoltaic panels to generate electricity (340w, 72 cells + compact battery with accumulation 250A/h.12v) and a septic tank to avoid sewage works.

In addition, many of the materials we use meet the highest standards of sustainability and respect for the environment, such as recycled and recyclable Geopanel cotton for insulation or OSB wood with FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) qualification.

So, now that you know what modular homes are and what are the basic characteristics of our tinis, why don’t you find out a little more about our models and take the first step to live in complete harmony with nature… in a matter of weeks? Access the customizer and start imagining your tini.

How would you like to live?

At tini we build lifestyles, ways of feeling and enjoying unique spaces. Spaces with life for a better life. Living spaces for a better life.

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