Wooden or steel modular houses?

In this post we try to clear some doubts about wood modular homes and steel modular homes.

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When it comes to modular homes, two of the most commonly used structural materials are wood and steel. Each has its pros and cons, but which of the two typologies is better? In this post we try to clear some doubts about wood modular homes and steel modular homes. In tini living we keep the best of both to make our own homes.

Wooden modular homes or steel modular homes?

Wooden modular homes

Wood is a material that undoubtedly connects us with nature and also with tradition. For this reason, many people see wooden modular homes as the best solution for homes with a rustic, rural feel and in tune with a natural environment, especially if there are trees and other types of vegetation.

It is obvious that it is a material very sensitive to fire and fire, which may dissuade many people from choosing this material. However, it is worth remembering that there are very effective fire-resistant treatments that make it very resistant to flames.

In fact, those who opt for a wooden house in the traditional way should know that it will have to undergo exhaustive periodic maintenance work, not only to fight fire but also other evils that can attack it, such as termites or woodworm, or simply the loss of humidity.

Modular steel houses

Steel modular houses are those that use this material for their structure and frame. This makes them really solid and stable constructions, which respond with all the guarantees to threats such as fire, strong gusts of wind, seismic movements, etc.

An interesting detail for the more environmentally conscious is that the steel used in construction is often recycled and, in all cases, 100% recyclable. This means that, after the relevant recycling process, steel of the same quality and suitable for a similar use is obtained.

At the construction level, one of the great advantages of steel is that it allows work to be carried out in a warehouse: its parts are assembled inside an industrial building to assemble the structure of the modular house and assemble all the interior elements. And thanks to its solidity, its subsequent transportation by road to its destination is no problem at all.

Steel modular houses lend themselves to more modern and minimalist designs, often exploiting the industrial touch associated with this material. However, it also allows an interesting combination with other more traditional and natural materials, such as wood.

How to get the best out of both materials?

As you can see, wood modular homes and steel modular homes have their advantages and disadvantages. And in Tini we try to make the best of each one, using these materials in structural elements and finishes.

The structure is always made of steel for its sturdiness and stability, and the exterior cladding can be made of galvanized steel or Corten steel, or of burnt or heat-treated wood. These two types of wood, by the way, do not require special maintenance and offer a very natural appearance.

For interiors, wood also takes center stage. We offer a choice of different proposals, including birch wood or poplar OSB, the latter made from branches and never from trunks, thus avoiding the felling of trees and facilitating the natural regeneration of each specimen.

And in addition to wood and steel as main materials, our tinis integrate another very interesting one: glass. Most of the vertical walls are large windows from floor to ceiling, with Climalit glazing that guarantees the best thermal and acoustic insulation.

Therefore, our tinis are very bright inside, much more so than wooden modular homes and steel modular homes with small windows. So if you want to take advantage of the best of each, contact us to design yours, which can be ready in a very short time without sacrificing quality.

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